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Thread: How To Increase Traffic Through Social Networks?

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    How To Increase Traffic Through Social Networks?

    Hello everyone!
    Can anybody tell me how it's possible to increase traffic through social networks?


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    First you need to create an account to social site. Add your website's link there and try to get as many fans or friends as much you can get and post your website's stuff to your account like news and stuff like that. If your content has good quality people will click on your site's link and you will get traffic to your site.

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    You can build up a lot of followers.

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    First of all, you need to join the social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace and others. You can make or connect with friends, you can join and create different groups and communities. For promoting the website you can update your profile and create fan-page and share with your group friends and communities. Interested people will give like to your fan-page and will visit your site. In this way, social networking sites become helpful in driving traffic to your website.
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    here the simple steps
    1) log in to social sites as many as possible
    2) make friends. it would be best if you can make friends related to your subject
    3) create fan page, post comment, invite others whatever way you find easy to attract your friends.
    4) Work hard

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    How to Increase Traffic Through Social Networks


    Social media sites are useful in various ways including;

    1) Bookmarked pages tend to get indexed very quickly by search engines.
    2) You can share your links with a community, enhancing the viral element.
    3) Many social media sites have a high page rank, so are a good link to have.

    All of these and other benefits of social media sites will give more authority to a link for a keyword you are trying to get ranked for.


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    You should regularly update your status and be active on it.

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    You can target a specific market if you use social networking especially if with the help of people sharing your page.

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    now a days social media is one of the most commonly used media and you can have a huge and targeted traffic from you social media page. the thing is that you should continually update your status and be live as much time as you can.

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    It's possible because social media sites are where most people spend their time on whenever online. And if you can get even a fraction of all these users to view your site, that would already do so much towards giving you good business.

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