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Thread: Trick To Find Do-Follow Blogs

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    Quote Originally Posted by memme View Post
    after you have posted to all the sites with any blog commenting tool you can use a dofollow/nofollow link checker to check whather the links are do or nofollow
    we can also do it manually, by just clicking page source, there you can find either the wesite has do follow link

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    Dofollow links are very hard to find nowadays it is very difficult to find dofollow blogs I have tried a lot but I was not able to extract more than one or two blogs. I'm using blog comment demon for finding dofollow blogs the company claimed that the software can easily extract do follow blog links relevant to your niche but it did not extract do follow links when I used the software. But it does not mean that do follow links matters only no follow links are important too in order to rank higher in the search engines your links must be a combination of no follow plus do follow. And other very important thing is link diversity.

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    Thanks to suggest me this easy technique of searching to do follow blogs. but i always use this syntax to search specific result- "result"

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllenSantiago View Post
    While i was searching do follow, i came across with one helpful trick that helps in finding the 'do follow blogs'.

    Here are those:

    Using Google site: operator

    site:TLD inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “KEYWORD"

    Using the search term

    "i comment u follow" + your keyword
    Nice footprint query for getting do-follow blogs.
    Thank You!

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    I have try the above technique with keyword RSS reader. So far i cannot find dofollow blog. It's harder and harder to find do follow blog nowadays

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    You can use dropmylink tool find do follow backlinks easily.

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    I don't know what blogs will come out of here. Most blogs have spam filters that either delays or denies comments today. So does the blogs there offer quick approval or delayed approval?

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