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Thread: Marketing With Articles - Be Aware Of What You Accomplish

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    Marketing With Articles - Be Aware Of What You Accomplish

    A carefully planned article marketing strategy is an effective way to market your online business - but be aware that your business and reputation is at stake.

    Marketing with articles is one of the most effective ways to advertise and grow your web marketing business. A good article marketing strategy is viral in itself. This is not to say that you market through the use of articles to the exclusion of basic seo optimization techniques. Ideally, you want to include seo with your internet article marketing.

    Successful article marketing will establish you as an expert in your niche. It builds a relationship and trust with people. But this is where you want to be careful. To simply write dozens of articles that really have little or no content that is new or unique, can certainly have the end result of not really helping your business in the long run. True, you may be able to increase your traffic in the short term, but you could very well end up hurting your reputation and your business.

    So, how does one develop an effective and successful article marketing strategy? By writing articles with content that is your own, unique to your niche, professional, and well written. Your articles should be informative and authoritative, and NOT simply a “sales” letter disguised.

    Article writing is a learnable skill. As you write more articles, you will become more skilled at it. You will become much more efficient; reducing the time needed to write a given article; and your result will be articles that will build that trust, relationship and loyalty, discussed earlier.

    Do not provide all your content in the article you are distributing. You want to lead your reader to your site, where the rest of your article can be found. This, after all, is your ultimate goal; get them to your site and eventually to your squeeze page.

    Headlines for your articles are important. They need to be attention-getting, but not hype. Your heading needs to entice people to read on.

    Writing an article is basically like writing a thesis, or a school paper. Your opening paragraph should have a question, or a statement, which will be “proven” in the main body of your article. The final paragraphs should be a summary or wrap up of your article.

    Some additional, IMPORTANT tips for writing your article:

    >be concise - get your point(s) across in 300 - 700 words,
    >do not make it harder than it is; write like you talk,
    >stay focussed,
    >do not plagiarize - acknowledge your sources,
    >watch and check your spelling, typos and grammar.

    After finishing your first draft, put it away for awhile. Come back later and re-read it. This is very important, as you may find that certain parts of your article may not say what you intended, or the grammar you used was not the best. It is also a good way to have a final check on spelling and typos.

    Finally, you need to prepare a good Resource Box that will go at the end of your article. This is where you promote your web marketing business, which after all, is what this is all about! The key elements in your resource box will include your name and background illustrating why you are an expert in your subject. The Resource box is the place where you can promote your business, through a link to your site.

    Give credit, where credit is due. Acknowledge your resources - be honest, be transparent - it will never fail you.

    Internet article marketing is a very effective way to market your web marketing business. Make your articles informative and authoritative, providing solid, quality information.

    Start writing and submitting your articles - your business will grow!

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    Main References: Evelyn Lim, “Article Marketing Content Guide“; Liz Tomey, “Article Writing Supersecrets”; Chris Farrell, “I Love Traffic You Love Traffic”.

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    There's some good points in the thread. Definitely few care should be taken while coming to article marketing. Although article marketing is really effective for both side user and search engine. Unique and to the point article helps to drive traffic as well as give increase the site ranking in SERP. It also helps to increase the website popularity.
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    Marketing With Articles - Be Aware of What you Accomplish

    When using article marketing you want to make sure to offer a wide range of articles. The more varieties you offer the more likely it is that you will pop up in a search result rather than someone else. In the same breath don't replace quality with quantity because you'll sacrifice dependability.


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    Article marketing should have a good call to action. It should be persuading enough for them to click the link in the end of your article. Most people find it so hard to make people do something they want. A good article that gains income must not only have good information but also good perusal.

    Martha Ricks

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    article marketing is one of the best way to promote any product or generate links with other sites.
    one thing you should kept in mind while writing an article is the content of that article should be unique and interesting that the viewers wants to read it.
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    Thanks for this post. Article marketing, is done properly have the capacity to help your business greatly.

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    So much useful information on article marketing. A few more points though;

    * Ensure that your articles are related to your niche.
    * Use high search keywords.
    * Avoid using overused keywords however popular they are.
    * Do not stuff your articles with keywords - A keyword density of 2-3% is good enough in my opinion.
    * If you have no time to write the articles yourself, outsource. It is worth every penny spent.

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