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Thread: How to do Link Building that is Google Penguin friendly

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    How to do Link Building that is Google Penguin friendly

    Hi Everyone,

    Google has recently updated their search engine techniques that is they called " Google Penguin ". Does the old link building technique still work like before ? or we need to change the strategy . If anyone know this, please, share your thoughts and ideas.


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    According to me building quality backlinks form quality sites dofollow will not be a problem.

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    Penguin is all about the over seo link building,so try to prevent this kind of over link building ,besides that the quality link building will always a major part of seo,no penguin or panda will never stop the that

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    First you need to understand what is Google Penguin is about and to those sites he usually attacks then create your own strategy that is according to Google Penguin guidelines. This approach enables you to create natural good links.
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    I think there is no specific new way to create backlinks. Good comments and quality content makes good backlink, this is an unwritten rule.

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    Basics techniques are some you just need to add more quality and avoid cheap ways to generate links.

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    Quality link building to high PR do follow websites is the best way to make websites penguin friendly. You have to avoid working on some Onn page SEO techniques such as cloaking, keyword stuffing, keyword stamming and many more.

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    There are free and effective ways that you can perform and apply to your website to get a good ranking. The following are:

    1. Create and write unique and fresh articles.
    2. Social bookmarking
    3. Article submission
    4. Blogging
    5. Blog Commenting
    6. Press Release
    7. Yahoo Answers
    8. Directory Submission
    9. Guest Posting
    10. Video Creation
    11. RSS Submission
    12. Social Media
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    Guest blogging and quality blog comments. Dofollow pages, pages with high PR, and social media. Work on your own social media sites, build some credit there, and ask about guest blogging. Release some good guest blogs, your own blog, and articles about your subject. Do press releases and comment on blogs that follow what you talk about.

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    1. Create amazing unique content
    2. Do Guest Posting
    3. Issue Press Releases
    4. Share Share Share
    5. Hold a contest
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