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    Cool Review SEO Desk

    Hi guys,

    Since I just added this Website Review section to this Forum, I'll start this new thread by asking you to review my own blog.

    So please review SEO Desk and let me know your thoughts.

    Thank you!

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    nice site . keep it up

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    Hi Neo,

    Your blog is just GREAT!

    It's amazing the way the ads are smoothly placed among the content!

    The look and feel is very nice, and the high quality, daily updated content is really engaging.


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    Liked it! I think I'll be getting lots of ideas on SEO from this site and by the way your blog was great!

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    Excellent!! I will be spending some time at your site - this will help me immensely, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing...


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    Very good site as well as forum too.

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    Overall I like it.

    Perhaps the colour palette is a little muted.

    The site is very busy, but instead of it being a negative thing I think it just makes you look around a lot more.

    There are lots of ads but you've kept away from adsence if I saw correctly, sometimes adsense can really make negative impact.

    By the way I really liked the navigation bar what term do you use to describe it ?

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    Wow.. great site, I'm impressed.

    I personally like the layout, how the widget boxes are placed. Although I would have to agree with topfalade that the site seems "very busy," at least on the top part. It kinda narrowed down the posts area. But it's alright, they are proportionately and strategically placed. And you have great pictures to boot. I also like that the tag cloud is placed on the bottom part, since they do take up space, especially when placed on the side.

    And you have a lot of great posts too! Really great learning references, especially for those who wish to know more about SEO. Wow and congrats again!

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